All the Details on 3D Metal Printing Issues You'll Ever Need

We encountered a lengthy video that details the challenges of 3D metal printing. 

Additive World Hits 6

The sixth episode of Additive World takes place next month. 

An Update on 3D Systems' Strategy

We had a sit-down with 3D Systems’ CEO Vyomesh Joshi and got a first-hand explanation of the companies moves. 

Kwambio's New Glass 3D Print Material

Kwambio was quiet for quite a while, but now they seem very active; this week announcing a new 3D print material. 

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Sneak Peek – Top Eight Features

Even though we’ve barely begun 2018, it’s time to get psyched for 2019. 

We Are Seeing The 3D Printers of the Future Now Emerging

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what might happen in the future, but perhaps we there is something now visible.

Hands on with the Creality CR-10S, Part 2

We continue our investigation of a brand new CR-10S desktop 3D printer. 

Hands on with the Creality CR-10S, Part 1

We managed to acquire a brand new CR-10 and put it through some tests. 

Simplify3D Updates Their Free Ultimate 3D Printing Material Guide

While the term “3D Printing” has become synonymous with creating physical objects

Stratasys' Prosthetic Venture

Stratasys announced a new partnership to help develop a fantastic 3D printed prosthetic, and it’s quite different from other ventures.

Convergence: The Changing Face of Manufacturing Services

There seems to be a pattern emerging in the world of manufacturing services, at least from a 3D printing point of view. 

3D Metal Printing's "Easy Button"?

There’s a dark secret about 3D metal printing that few want to talk about: print optimizations.

Sylvia Heisel – “3D printing clothes at scale isn’t possible yet but we are moving closer very quickly”

Named as one of the “25 Forward Thinkers Defining the Future of Fashion”

Could This Be How 3D CAD is Done in the Future?

I saw something last week that shook me greatly: Live Parts from Desktop Metal. 

Exploring the Science of Big 3D Printing

While extrusion-based 3D printers have been around for decades, there is still the need for some exploration, especially when it comes to large-scale printing. 

SweetYourWords Hits The Sweet Spot

A new food service based on 3D printing is about to launch: Sweet Your Words.

Book of the Week: 3D Printed Science Projects

This week’s selection is the surprisingly advanced 3D Printed Science Projects book by Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron.

Finally: A Desktop Fume Extractor Project

This is something I’ve been interested in for some time: an inexpensive fume extractor you can make yourself. 

Could Supersonic Spray Become a Standard 3D Print Post Processing Approach?

I’m reading an interesting research report on that describes a method of applying a surface finish to metal parts. 

Design of the Week: Starman

This week’s selection is the highly appropriate Starman 3D model by Thingiverse contributor Stephen Graybill, a.k.a Oranhunter.