Design of the Week: 3D Printed Store

This week’s selection is the enormous 3D printed store by London-based AI Build

Don't Forget to Fill Out Our Survey: There is a Prize!

It’s that time of year once again: our annual survey awaits. 

More Cash for Robo!

Robo has raised even more capital to expand their 3D printer manufacturing business. 

Pro Tip: An Easy Way To Remove "Stringies" From Your 3D Print

Are you haunted by “stringies”? There’s an incredibly easy way to remove them. 

Saving Big Bucks in the Automotive Industry with 3D Printing

In the early days, 3D printing was used almost exclusively for creating automotive prototypes for checking form and fit. 

Trinckle Discovers a Wealth of 3D Printing Business Cases

When you look deeply, you find things. 

The Ridiculously Portable Migo 3D Printer

MakeX is taking the portability aspect of their new Migo desktop 3D printer a lot more seriously than we thought. 

Changes at the Top in Two 3D Printing Companies Will Spur New Ventures

There’s been announcements of executive changes at a couple of notable 3D printing companies.

7 Handy Resin Casting Tips and Tricks

Before you get to work on the final product of your design, it’s in your best interests to make a prototype first, right? 

Ultimaker's New Core - And Supports

Ultimaker announced two new products that are designed to meet customer demands. 

Cincinnati Buys NVBOTS

Cincinnati (the company, not the city) has acquired NVBOTS.

3D Printing From Russia, With Continuous Carbon Fiber

Anisoprint is a 2.5 year old 3D printer startup from Russia, who offer a true carbon fiber device.

Naomi Wu – “My visibility allows me to direct more attention to important issues and other deserving women”

Our Chinese readership might have met with Naomi Wu at tradeshows and maker fairs in Shenzhen.

VSHAPER's Tilted Take on 3D Printing

VSHAPER has demonstrated a new 3D printer that could point towards a tilted future of 3D printing.

Mass Portal’s Three New Excellent Products

Mass Portal continues to experiment with advanced 3D printing techniques.

Formlabs Unleashes Any Color You'd Like

Formlabs announced a new “color kit” for their equipment. 

Need Unusual Powder for 3D Metal Printing? Make it On Your Desktop!

We ran into something entirely unexpected at FormNext: a machine that produces 3D metal printing powder on your desktop. 

Feature Overload on the Aether 1 3D Printer

I’m looking at a very curious device, the Aether 1 3D printer, or is it a bio printer?

5 Myths About 3D Printing That Some People Believe – Do You?

3D printing is still a mystery to some, with plenty of misunderstandings persisting. 

Design of the Week: Sculpture of Time

This week’s selection is the startling Sculpture of Time by Japanese artist Akinori Goto.