Pricing Counts, As Always: xDesign vs Onshape

At SWW18 Dassault Systèmes described a version of Solidworks that would be available in the browser: xDesign. 

Could the End of STL be In Sight?

The venerable STL file format for describing 3D models has been around for far too long. But now the end could be finally appearing. 

3D Printing Risk Alert: New Matter Folds

New Matter, makers of the MOD-t desktop printer, announced they’re closing business forever. 

SOLIDWORKS Integrates Unique 3D Printing Technologies

At this year’s SOLIDWORKS World, Dassault Systèmes has demonstrated that it’s ready for the world to start designing for additive manufacturing

What Is A 3D Print Network To Do Now?

With Solidworks’ announcement of an integrated manufacturing network, questions arise regarding the future of existing community making networks. 

Formlabs Gets Some Tank Competition

One sign of corporate success is the appearance of compatible parts and materials, and that’s what’s happened to Formlabs. 

3D Printed Magnets!

Canadian researchers have discovered a method of producing unusual magnetic objects using 3D printing techniques. 

3D Hubs Makes it Official

3D Hubs’ journey is officially in another direction based on a policy change they’ve published. 

The Hover App Lets Users Create Accurate, Interactive 3D Models of Any Property

For most, the most significant, most practical expense they’ll ever make is a house. 

Solidworks’ Blockbuster Announcements

3D software producer Dassault Systemes made several announcements today that will have some effect on the world of 3D printing. 

Multi-Powder Dispensing in Aerosint's New SLS 3D Printer

I hadn’t heard of this concept previously, but it is extremely interesting. 

Tatiana Reinhard – “The faster we are, better our chance to survive is”

Proud to be part of the maker movement, Tatiana Reinhard is a jack-at-all-trades:

Desktop 3D Printers from Weedo

We ran into a vendor I hadn’t seen before: Weedo.

The Rise of Specialized 3D Print Exhibitions

I’m fascinated with the evolution of how 3D printing technology is presented to the public. 

The MasterSpool Concept: A Great Idea, But Does It Have Legs?

We’re watching a video proposal from RichRap on how 3D printer filament should be spooled. 

Book of the Week: Makers

This week’s selection is Makers, by Cory Doctorow.

HP's New Reseller Strategy: Will It Work?

Today HP announced a few interesting things, and one of them is a new reseller strategy. 

HP's Brings Out Two Full Color 3D Printers

Today HP made several moves that should shake up their competitors.

Design of the Week: Low Poly Figure

This week’s selection is the interesting Low Poly Figure by designer Wesley Millora.

Anarkik3D Design Version 3.1 released

Anarkik3D has released a new version of their popular haptic 3D design software.